Brandt and Pam Prince

   Family Worship Center welcomes Brandt & Pam Prince

   Sunday October 14 @ 10am and 6 pm.

Brandt and Pam Prince have been missionaries in Africa for almost twenty years. They are  currently working with Rhema Zambia in Southern Africa. They have four children: Austin,

Ty,  Benjamin, and Juliana.

Brandt is a builder and does maintenance on the mission field, installing water lines and fixing everything that breaks, Pam teaches ministers in the Bible College, preaches in local churches, and ministers to the poor in tangible ways.

Prior to moving toZambia, Pam and Brandt helped Ralph and Shirley Hagemeier in the  Democratic Republic of Congo where Pam taught in the bible school by precept and example as she trained people on door to door evangelism.

Brandt and Pam have experienced the grace and mercy of God, as they have had many obstacles to overcome, such as

—     Having many cobra’s (snakes) in their house

—    Overcoming malaria

—     Having to travel for days just to get to a major city

—    Overcoming demon possessed people

—    That is just to name a few things

But God is good and his mercy has brought them victory over all the obstacles the enemy placed before them.

Come and hear of God’s miracle working power and what He has done in their life.