Sayings of Faith

Below are some sayings of faith, faith does not speak the circumstances or the situation, faith speaks the word.

-Faith always blows the rams horn, before, not after, the walls are down

Joshua 6:1-16

16 And it came to pass at the seventh time, when the priests blew with the trumpets, Joshua said unto the people, Shout; for the LORD hath given you the city.

-When the people shouted the walls was still up, by being obedient to God’s Word when they shouted the victory shout then the walls fell down.

-Faith never judges according to the sight of the eyes, because it is the evidence of things not seen

Heb. 11:1-Faith rest on far more solid ground than the evidence of the senses, and that is the Word of God which “abideth for ever”.

-Our senses may deceive us but God’s Word never can

-You can be deceived by Magic or illusions, but the Word of God will never deceive you

-All that a man of faith needs “is to know what God has spoken.”

-Fallen nature is governed by what it sees, by its senses, but faith is governed by the pure Word of God and is nothing less than expecting God to do what He promises.

-“Smith Wigglesworth” I’m not moved by what I see, I’m not moved by what I feel, I’m moved only by the Word of God

-Faith believes that God has heard its prayer. Because it believes it expects and looks for changes. It keeps looking for it until it is there

-Smith Wigglesworth: “There is something about faith that will cause God to pass over a million people to get to you”

# 2Chron 16:9

-Positive confession leads to the faith that creates matter, alters matter. and changes matter.

1.Gen. 1God Said

-Strong faith is the result of rich fellowship with God. It comes from hearing Him speak in His Word

-Noah believed and prepared an ark for the saving of his house. FAITH PREPARES!

-When you are walking by faith you are walking in the miraculous. Man’s mind limits you, but faith takes you into the realm where all things are possible.

Matthew 19:26But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

Mark 9:23Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

-The acid test of faith is obedience. Don’t lean to your own understanding.

Pro. 3:4-5

-Don’t talk, think on, emphasize what you don’t know or you begin to lose what you do know.

1.I don’t know how I am going to make it

2.… Don’t know what I am going to do

-If you are going to get different results from the rest of the world you are going to have to live differently.

-In the time of storm tie yourself to something that won’t move (like the Word of God) and weather the storm

1.Matthew 7:24

2.Luke 6:48

-Three words sum up the concepts of faith; believe, receive, and act \

Mark 5:25-34

# Heb 11:13

-Believe:They were persuaded of the promises Receive:They embraced them. Act:They confesses that they were only strangers and pilgrims (on journey to the Promised land. [the no. 1 action of faith is through what you say.

-A faith confession has no power until the heart is persuaded and has embraced it.

3 John 2

-When you know what faith is you can discern it. e.g. the two greatest indicators are joy and peace.

-Fear is inverted faith .i.e. faith in the devil. They are persuaded that the enemy can do bad things to them and they are expecting them to happen.

-Fear gives the devil the legal right to work. Faith gives God the legal right to work.

-Build into yourself the consciousness of what God says you are in Christ. In Christ you are just as healed as you are saved. You don’t experience salvation in the new birth until you believe. it is the same with healing and prosperity.

Romans 10:9-10

-His victory is your victory. Refuse to be called the things that are contrary to what you have and are in Christ.

Jer 17:14

-The same thing is for healing and salvation. If you believe you are healed just as you believe you are saved your body will have to change.

-” Ex 14:10″ Faith talks strangely in the face of circumstances. Vs. 15 “Go Forward!”

-Pharaoh drew near. v.13 Faith talks strangely in the face of circumstance. It looked more as if the Israelites would be seen no more but Moses spoke faith.

-Vs 15 “Go forward!””Where?”Where youare looking is seems impossible. Everyone knows it is impossible. That is the best time for God to work, in situations of impossibility.

-This was a new concept to them. The sea was not in the babit of dividing.

# Ex 14:29;15:8

-v.21. The Lord did it. See v.29 and 15:8. Literal reasoning doesn’t make it.-Dry land,- Walls of water!It has to be recognized as a supernatural phenomenon.God can do it. Their faith had something to do with it. It took faith to step out.

-The Red Sea represented an impossible barrier but God supernaturally made a way through; crossing the uncrossable; passing the impassable.

-Water is also symbolic in Scripture. It is used of people, Holy Spirit, problems.Ps.66.

-“By the breath” = same word as spirit. It was The Spirit of The Lord that made the way; not by might nor by power but by the miracle working Power of God.

-Listen, obey, step forward, and watch.

-The wind was greater than the water. The breath (Spirit) of The Lord is greater than anything that could come against you

-The Lord can make the way but you have to go through! He won’t push or drag or force you. It’s up to your faith. It took faith to go through the way that the Wind of The Lord had made. You have to keep going step after step trusting God until you get to the other side.

-The Egyptians: You would think that they would have said: “Hey, don;t mess withthese people. Look what their God has done.” Hardened hearts make people dumb!They “assayed” = attempted, they tried.

-You need to know you have heard from God and you GO! If you have a plan B for if this doesn’t work then you are not fully committed You don’t “try” the Word. It tries you. If it doesn’t work then it has tried you and you have failed.

-The Egyptians tried it and got swallowed up. The Israelites believed it and went through. It was to be the same action for both, – going through. Pharaoh’s army wasn’t told by God to do what Israel did. They tried what worked for Israel who were told to go through by God.

-Some people try things to see if they can move God’s hand. “Trust” implies that you are depending on God to get it done. “Try” implies that you are depending on your own efforts.

-Quit trying and trust.

-The Lord has to wait until we get all the kick out of us before He can save us from drowning. i.e. when we cease trying and struggling in our own efforts.

-If you really give a situation t God you take your hands off of it. Admit that you can’t do it and leave it in God’s hands. Many folk don’t want this to be an answer but it is.

-Some people try things to see if they can move God’s hand. “Trust” implies that you are depending on God to get it done. “Try” implies that you are depending on your own efforts. Quit trying and trust:

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