Larry Hutton


With Doctor Larry Hutton

Sunday July 13th at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm

 Doctor Larry Hutton, a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center and Life Christian  University, is truly an anointed preacher and teacher of God’s Word. For over 25  years, he has ministered the Word of God in demonstration of the Spirit and of Power,  and a strong healing anointing has always accompanied his ministry. Known for the  clear and simple way he delivers God’s Word, Doctor Hutton has taught thousands of  people not only how to receive the physical, financial, and other blessings of God in  their lives, but how to hold fast to those blessings as well. As a result, people’s lives  are being transformed and thrust into a greater dimension of faith and power

Dr. Hutton and his wife Liz (also a Rhema Bible Training Center graduate), traveled with and were closely associated with Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin for many years. It is with that same anointing that they minister to people across the U.S, Canada and overseas. Many healings and other miracles are being wrought by the Lord as He confirms His Word with signs following.


It is with God’s Love and Compassion that they share the power of His Word, thereby inspiring believers to move in the Force of Faith, and to forever change the circumstances of their lives!