Larry & Angela Keeton August 16th

Larry and Angela Keeton have been in ministry a combined total of fifty-seven years, serving local churches in varied areas–from youth ministry to singles ministry, pastoring to evangelistic preaching. For almost eighteen of those years, they lived as missionaries in the nations of the Czech Republic and Poland. There they established ministers’ training schools and pastored two churches while working to see missionaries, pastors and local church leaders trained and many new churches planted. They also pioneered a Christian television program that has been the first ongoing Protestant broadcast aired through out Poland since the end of World War II. Today, the ministries that the Keeton’s founded in both nations continue to flourish under national leaders they trained.


Currently, Larry and Angela are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and travel in ministry throughout the United States and internationally, reaching the lost and strengthening the Body of Christ as they teach, preach and demonstrate the Gospel through gifts of the Holy Spirit, healing and miracles.