Randall Grier


 Rev. Randall Grier Sunday January 22

 Sunday January 22, 2017 at 10:00 am & 6:00 pm

  Rev. Randall Grier answered the call of the Lord Jesus to preach the Gospel while on  his third escape from prison in May of 1982. The Lord spoke to him in Galveston, Texas  and told him that His Spirit would not always strive with a man. Jesus said, “The devil  has laid a trap for you and you are about to walk into it and wind up dead and in hell, if  you don’t turn your life over to Me today.” Rev. Grier surrendered to the call of God and  turned himself into the police authorities. When he went to court the Lord Jesus  delivered him from a life without parole sentence, but he had to remain in prison for  prior felony convictions.

He was thankful he did not receive life without parole and prayed and studied the Bible continually while in prison. While praying out behind the prison on April 5, 1984, he had a supernatural experience with Jesus. Jesus said, “I am anointing you today to begin to enter into the ministry, I have called you to and nations and countries will be changed through this anointing.” That very day Rev. Grier entered into a powerful anointing to set the captive free. He was told he would be released from prison on parole in the month of none. Jesus taught him faith and what to do to get out of prison. He was released from prison on August 27, 1984, by a miracle of God! He and Patricia were married in 1984. He received a Full Pardon from the government in July 1993. All of his civil and political rights were restored to him as well as the right to own and possess a firearm, which was a miracle of God!

The highlight of Rev. Grier’s ministry was when Kenneth E. Hagin (Dad Hagin) set down beside him, before he moved to heaven, and put his arm around him and talked with him about an hour about the ministry Rev. Grier was called to. Dad Hagin said to him, “Brother Randy, the Lord is endeavoring to move you into a ministry office and a place in the Spirit that you have never stood in before. The Spirit of Seeing and Knowing will come upon you in a great way and you will see and know things supernaturally.” From that day Rev. Grier has had many visions and revelations from the Lord Jesus Christ about the United States, the presidential office, the Supreme Court and the nations of the earth. The Lord has used him to minister to many individuals and churches and bring spiritual insight, spiritual impartations and victory to them. He has preached the Gospel and traveled nationally and internationally for 26 years because the Lord told him to. He is known best for his spirit of humility and his desire to see churches; ministries and Christians grow in Jesus Christ. His ministry brings HOPE to the hopeless, FAITH to the faithless and FREEDOM to those who are bound.